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Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps 5-200 Horsepower

Our VS Series vacuum systems use proven rotary screw technology to produce vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. Because VS vacuum systems are air cooled and require no seal water, there are no water acquisition, water treatment or water disposal costs. As a result, these systems offer lower power cost and up to 50% lower total operating costs than other types of pumps.

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Screw Compressors

The Aerzen screw compressors distinguish themselves by two different rotor profiles, which is a criterion which is so far unique on the market for screw compressors. In vacuum operating the VM compressors can be used up to 80% vacuum (0,2 bar abs.) designed as 4 + 6 profile.The compressor design VML is a 3 + 4 profile. It can be used up to 70% vacuum (0,3 bar abs.), as special design (pre-inlet machine) up to 85% vacuum (0,15 bar abs.).

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