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Airite, Inc. has the capability to provide energy saving leak detection and corrective practice service for compressed air, vacuum, and steam systems:

DOE Certified AirMaster+ system analyst will perform the leak survey.

Each leak is tagged with an individually numbered plastic or brass tag attached as close as practically possible to the source of the leak. The following is logged for each leak:

  • Id number

  • Location (plant area and/or machine identification)

  • Elevation above floor

  • Pressure at leak

  • Type of component leaking

  • Description of leak

  • Estimated cfm

  • Solution (including the extent of systems shutdown required to accomplish the repair and an indication if the leak is not practical to repair)

  • Estimated annual air consumption

  • Estimated annual cost

  • Estimated repair cost

Inventory of all leaks, with the information noted above, in Excel spreadsheet format.

Recommended procedural or equipment changes to resolve the root causes of chronic leak problems noted

A proposal for repairing the identified leaks can be included as well.

Sample Report: Ultrasonic Leak Detection

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