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Legris Transair – Over 150 Years of Piping Innovation

Transair is the world’s leading manufacturer of connectors for compressed air distribution systems. Transair designs, manufactures and sells innovative quick connect solutions (connectors, pipes and tubing) as well as accessories for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas.  Transair aluminum pipe with push-to-connect fittings and valves may be your best choice for your compressed air distribution system. Whether a small garage or major industrial facility, we have the appropriate pipe size: 4″ (100mm), 3″ (76mm), 2-1/2″ (63mm), 1-1/2″ (40mm), 1″ (25mm), and ½” (16.5mm) and an extensive range of accessories. Transair compressed air systems meets the requirements of numerous industrial, aerospace, electronic, pharmaceutical, medical, plastic, extrusion, manufacturing, power generation, automotive and garage workshop installations. The Transair product line is sophisticated enough to NASA and easy and affordable enough for a home garage.

Transair Compressed Air & Vacuum Piping Solutions

The purpose of the compressed air piping system is to deliver compressed air to the points of usage. The compressed air needs to be delivered with enough volume, appropriate quality, and pressure to properly power the components that use the compressed air. Compressed air is costly to manufacture. A poorly designed compressed air system can increase energy costs, promote equipment failure, reduce production efficiencies, and increase maintenance  requirements. It is generally considered true that any additional costs spent improving the compressed air piping system will pay for itself many times over the life of the system. Compressed air is utilized in many commercial industrial facilities and is considered a utility essential to production.

Transair Liquid Piping Solutions

In addition to our innovative line of air and inert gas piping products, Transair offers a complete line of liquid piping solutions. Due to its reusable connection technology, Transair is the only pipe distribution system for fluids

with the ability to quickly install and adapt. The connection is simply screwed or bolted together, which enables  disassembly when required unlike other connection technologies that are permanently crimpled or welded.

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