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eConnect™ is a must-have tool for system maintenance and optimization. Diagnose the health of each and every compressor on your floor whether you’re down the hall, down the street or in downtown Manhattan. Reduce unexpected downtime and save money – eConnect™ can pay for itself in as little as one year.Do you need to check email? Then, check system parameters while you’re at it. A computer, a web browser, and an Ethernet connection is your ticket to managing your air compressor system remotely. Believe it. 



  • View up to 16 compressors at once

  • View entire system status at a glance

  • Monitor the health of your entire compressed air system from anywhere

  • Receive alerts upon a fault or out of range condition

  • Receive monthly system performance reports

  • No special software required – just an Internet browser!


Screen Captures from System Monitoring:

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