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The demand profile for almost all compressed air systems are very dynamic. Frequently, there are periods where the demand exceeds the available compressor capacity. In turn, there are almost always periods where there is excess compressor capacity.Gain system control with FlowLogic™. During dwell periods, you can store air using excess compressor capacity. Our FlowLogic™ technology then releases the air from storage, during system peaks and system pressure fluctuations.


  • Patented multiple-parallel design for fast response

  • Holds system pressure within В±1 psig

  • Inlet and outlet pressure gauges

  • Cast headers

  • Fully integrated, compact design for ease of installation

  • Flanged inlet and outlet connections (1750-5500)

  • Standard Remote mounted control panel (1750-5500)



  • Patented parallel valve system provides fastest response

  • Linear valve characteristics allow for precise positioningwith simple pneumatic control

  • Electronic control provides pressure scheduling and communication capability


System Controls

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