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Service at your fingertips


A service report is generated the moment a unit faults, generating and emailing users the Sullair Detailed Report. A service advisor can remotely troubleshoot the unit from a mobile phone before sending out a technician.


Features and Benefits:

• Energy reporting n Maintenance reports/faults

• Compressor health monitoring

• Maintenance planning

• Proactive monitoring

• Real time alerting (for faults)

• Mobility


With AirLinx reporting comes with you wherever you are. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS text, working on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. This allows you to monitor all of your compressors in one key portal — helping save energy while increasing uptime.

Service Reports A compressor service report containing machine information, statistics, and performance.

• Trend reporting weekly or monthly

• Sullair stores 13 months of data

• Can remote troubleshoot with experienced Sullair staff even if they're half a globe away

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