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Airite, Inc. is proud to be South Carolina’s authorized distributor for Aerzen USA, manufacturer of the highest quality positive displacement blower packages.

Patented 3-lobe Positive Displacement Blowers Type GM
Patented 3-lobe blower stage with integrated pulsation cancellation for inlet flows from 20cfn (30m3/h) to 38, 000 cfm (65,000 m3h) and, depending on the sizes, pressures up to 15 psi (1000 mbar).

Aerzen Positive Displacement Blower Packages DELTA BLOWERS
Complete packages designed, built, supplied and supported by Aerzen Modular design with Aerzen GM-series blower from 20 cfm (30 ,m3/h) up to 8500 cfm (14,400 m3/h) and pressures up to 15 psi (1,000 mbar) / 10 psi (700 mbar) depending on the blower sizes or exhauster for 15″Hg (500 mbar) vacuum. Also available for gas applications.


Aerzen Process Gas Blowers, GQ Series
For inlet volumes up to 53,000 cfm (90,000 m3/h) and pressure differences, depending on the machine size, up to 22 psi (1500 mbar), these machines are especially designed to operate on every contaminated gas streams.


Aerzen Process Gas Blowers, GR Series
Bearing and gear chambers are outboard and completely separated from the gas stream by double acting mechanical seals or purged restrictive carbon ring seals; special designs available to handle agressive gases. Flows to 30,000 cfm (50,000 m3/h) for up to 12 psi (800 mbar) differential pressure.


Aerzen Truck Blowers GM Series
Manufactured in two-and three-lobe design. Flows to 1300 cfm (2250 m3/h) and pressures to 17.5 psig (1200 mbar) and 15″Hg (500 mbar) vacuum.


Aerzen Pressure Boosters, GM-cz Series
Aerzen pressure boosters are capable of differential pressures up to 30 psi (2 bar) and are equipped with a 360 psi pressure rated casing (PN 25); inlet flows to 3,500 cfm (6,000 m3/h).

Aerzen Vacuum Pumps with Pre-inlet Cooling
The pre-inlet cooling allows to operate continously at a higher vacuum than standard blowers: flow up to 9,500 cfm and 80% or 24″Hg vacuum and up to 30,000 cfm (50,000 m3/h) at 60% or 18″Hg vacuum.

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