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Companies need know they can rely on their positive displacement blower to operate efficiently; however, over time, continued heavy use can impede the equipment efficiency and/or cause problems. Additionally, mechanical failures will happen. When it does, it requires quick action. Airite Inc. offers positive displacement blower repair services that can return the equipment to original factory condition.

When you send your positive displacement blower to Airite Inc. we fully disassemble and inspect the blower to report back its current condition and necessary repairs that need to be made to make it like new. In some cases, replacement is a better option, but when the blower is repairable or can be rebuilt, Airite Inc. will rebuild the blower to factory tolerances. This includes any required machining, cleaning the head plates and bead blasting of impellers and cylinder walls, new bearings, seals and gaskets, and painting the unit.

We can repair and or rebuild most all major brands: Roots, Sutorbilt, Cycloblower, Duroflow, Tuthill, and MD Pneumatic.

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