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What Is Energy Waste Costing You?

We are unsurpassed in determining ways to save you money. Our air system audit tools get you the most accurate data possible on your current system conditions. This data will determine the path to cost-saving solutions.

Do you know the three levels of an Air System Audit?

A Walk-Through, An Assessment and Air Audit are the three levels of system assessments established by the Compressed Challenge / Department of Energy. We have developed the SystemWizard, SysteMate and LogAir tools within AirMetrix to address these levels.

Using the SystemWizard system analysis software we, can quickly evaluate the cost and efficiency of a compressed air system, compare multiple compressor alternatives and calculate investment paybacks on energy saved. This is an ideal tool for a system walk-through assessment as defined by the Compressed Air Challenge / DOE or to evaluate multiple alternatives after a full audit or assessment.

Our SysteMate hardware and software provide you with a real-time assessment of your company’s compressed air usage. SysteMate takes power and pressure readings as inputs then calculates the true flow output, automatically generating a report which graphs system parameters, including air flow. All of this is done without any production interruptions.

Our LogAir Auditing System combines the first data logging system specifically designed to meet the comprehensive requirements of today’s compressed air system. We personally train the auditors so they can provide the ultimate in compressed air system analysis and optimization. Our auditors work with you to understand your needs even going beyond the requirements defined by the Compressed Air Challenge and DOE.

Click here for more details: Air Audit

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A 100HP air compressor costs up to $40,000 per year to operate in energy alone. And up to 50% of it is wasted.

Electricity constitutes on average 76% of compressed air system operating costs over a 10 year period.

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